Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy University Programs


Research in Education Sub-Committee

Aliki Thomas (McGill University) - Chair
Rosemary Lysaght (Queens University)
Cori Schmitz (University of Alberta)
Micheal Lee (UBC)


Research Committee

Ada Leung (University of Alberta) - Chair
Laurence Roy (McGill University)
Susan Rppolt (University of Toronto)
Marcia Finlayson (Queens University)
Tal Jarus (University of British Columbia)
Nadine Larivière (Université de Sherbrooke) – ACOTUP Council Liaison


Committee on University Fieldwork Education (CUFE) /
Comité Universitaire de l'enseignement clinique (CUEC)

Eric Constantin (Université de Sherbrooke) - Co-Chair
Sylvie Scurti (Université de Montréal) - Co-Chair

International Fieldwork Group (IFW)

Carmen Moliner (Université de Sherbrooke) - Co-Chair

Academic Education Committee

Catherine Vallée (Laval) - Co-chair
Deirdre Dawson (U of T) - Co-chair
Catherine Donnelly (Queens)
Leslie Johnson/Leanne Leclair (U of Manitoba)
Jacinthe Savard (U of Ottawa)
Debbie Rudman (Western)
Nancy Pollock (McMaster)
Sara Saunders (McGill)
Lise Poissant (Montreal)
Pierre-Yves Therriault (UQTR)  
Nadine Larivière (Sherbrooke)
Sue Forwell (UBC)
Joan Versnel (Dalhousie)
Shaniff Esmail (Alberta)

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