Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy University Programs

About Us

Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy University Programs (ACOTUP) is a national organization of the 14 university programs in Occupational Therapy.


ACOTUP promotes the health, productivity and well-being of Canadians through collaboration in strategies and their implementation for excellence in occupational therapy and occupational science research and education. 


ACOTUP’s leadership shapes occupational therapy research and education to inform practice and policy, and advances the science of occupation.

Strategies for 2016-2021

  1. Strengthen and advocate for the Canadian occupational therapy academy.This strategy focuses on the member programs themselves, directly serving their interests and priorities. The occupational therapy academy encompasses each program in its entirety: education and research, faculty and students. 
  2. Provide leadership in the preparation of scholarly practitioners for society’s current and future occupational needs.This strategy is outward-looking, and refers to the impact of occupational therapy and occupational science education and research ultimately on society.
  3. Streamline and focus ACOTUP’s operations to promote scholarly dialogue and action.This strategy focuses on ACOTUP’s organization and operation, to allow ACOTUP to effectively address its strategies.

Organizational Chart

ACOTUP ACPUE organizational chart


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