Association of Canadian Occupational Therapy University Programs


Research on Education Committee (ROE)

Cori Schmitz (University of Alberta) –Co-Chair
Anne Kinsella (University of Western Ontario) –Co-Chair
Deb Cameron (University of Toronto)
Tal Jarus (University of British Columbia)

Research Committee (RC)

Tal Jarus (University of British Colombia) – Chair
Shu-Ping Chen (University of Alberta)
Jocelyn Harris (McMaster University)
Leanne Leclair (University of Manitoba)
Setareh Ghahari (Queens University)

Committee on University Fieldwork Education (CUFE) /
Comité Universitaire de l'enseignement clinique (CUEC)

Manon Boucher (Université Laval) - Co-Chair
Mike Ravenek (Western University) - Co-Chair
Donna Barker (University of Toronto)
Jeff Boniface (University of British Columbia)
Dominique Boucher
Margaret-Anne Campbell Rempel (University of Manitoba)
Eric Constantin (Université de Sherbrooke)
Marika Demers
Donna Drynan (University of British Columbia)
Joelle Dufour Berube (University of Montreal)
Karen Falcicchio (McGill University)
Cynthia Fauteux
Carmen Moliner
Susanne Murphy (Queens University)
Cori Schmitz (University of Alberta)
Sylvie Scurti (Université de Montreal)
Lorie Shimmell (McMaster University)
Caroline Storr (McGill University)    
Lyne Tardif(Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)
Cathy White(Dalhousie University)
Marie White(University of Ottawa)       

International Fieldwork Group (IFW)

Carmen Moliner (Université de Sherbrooke) - Co-Chair
Caroline Storr (McGill University) - Co-Chair

Academic Education Committee (AEC)

Catherine Vallée (Laval) - Co-chair
Deirdre Dawson (U of T) - Co-chair
Catherine Donnelly (Queens)
Leslie Johnson  (U of Manitoba)
Rose Martini (U of Ottawa)
Shami Dhillon (McMaster)
Sara Saunders (McGill)
Lise Poissant (Montreal)
Pierre-Yves Therriault (UQTR) 
Joan Versnel (Dalhousie)
Shaniff Esmail (Alberta)
Jeff Holmes (Western)
Marjorie Désormeaux-Moreau (Université de Sherbrooke)
Katie Lee-Bunting (UBC)
Shami Dhillon (McMaster University)