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vanced equipment that sets Dalhousie ahead of any other

university in Canada.

Photo on Previous Page: A view of Mobility Terrace

on the third floor of the Collaborative Health Educa-

tion Building. (Caroline Kerr photos)

Some of the many featured spaces included the Mo-

bility Terrace and Home Care Room, designed in collabo-

ration with the School of Occupational Therapy and other

professional schools. The Mobility Terrace is located on

the third floor and appreciates an astonishing view over-

looking the Carleton, including a view of the Forrest Build-

ing. The terrace was designed to allow students in many

disciplines to practice using equipment, such as wheel-

chairs, on a range of surfaces like ramps and gravel that

would be realistic to settings in the real world. Second year

students, Sara Hallett and Lauren Johnson, were demon-

strating to spectators how to use a wheelchair on a range

of platforms.

Sara Hallett demonstrates how to correctly lift a

wheelchair onto a platformonMobility Terrace. (Car-

oline Kerr photos)

Just off of the terrace is the Home Care Room. The

room is filled with advanced equipment that will allow stu-

dents in disciplines such as occupational therapy and nurs-

ing to experience real life scenarios in a home setting.

Equipment ranges from adjustable-height counters in the

kitchen, allowing people in wheelchairs to access counter

space without difficulty, to a spacious bathroomwith han-

dlebars to assist users. Another remarkable aspect of the

room is the ceiling track lift that is situated in the bedroom

space of the room. These lifts

are permanently installed in

homes to comfortably transfer

patients who otherwise would-

n’t be able to. During the open-

ing event it was inspiring to

watch the occupational therapy

students demonstrate the use of

all the equipment and to see the

excitement it brought to them.

The ceiling track lift is located in the bedroom to

allow patients comfortable access into bed. (Caroline

Kerr photos)

The Collaborative Health Education Building is truly re-

markable, full of light and open space. The School of Oc-

cupational Therapy is thrilled to have been a part of

designing a collaborative space for various schools and de-

partments at Dalhousie. This building offers faculty and stu-

dents to learn with and from each other, reflecting the

world of health-care that we live in. January is fast ap-

proaching with classes and labs beginning in the New

Year. We are excited to have this wonderful space for Med-

icine, Dentistry and Health Professions students to come

together and share their learning experiences.

Join Occupational Therapists from across the globe

at these upcoming events or explore their websites:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2017 AOTAAnnual Conference and Expo, March 30 – April 2, 2017

Visit the website for more information papers.aspx#sthash.jPMzCatT.D1u4lZUW.dpuf


SAOT National Occupational Therapy Conference

October 14-15, 2016 – Theme: STRIDE:

Striving Towards Integrating Individuals with Different abilities

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Saudi Arabia

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and

Orthotic Prosthetics Conference, March 21-23, 2017

Lecture Hall B, Postgraduate Education Center,

KSAU-HS/ Riyadh / Saudi Arabia. For more info conmtact:;


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