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: Montreal: To stay current with what’s

happening at McGill’s School of Physical & Occupational

Therapy (SPOT), check out the School’s website

or join the group on Facebook or


Dr. Annette Majnemer

, Director of SPOT and Vice-

Dean (Education - Faculty of Medicine) will be leading a

Canadian network on chil-

dren with brain development

problems. She and her team

have secured funding to the

tune of $25 million from

CIHR and other sources for

the CHILDBRIGHT network



ing members of the health care community due to over-

coming and continuing to overcome their own obstacles.

In relation to this, I was amazed and inspired to see the ex-

citing new areas that OT is emerging into, including being

leaders in addressing poverty, homelessness, "sanism", and

weight bias.” -

Annie Mo, Year 2 McMaster MSc(OT) Stu-


“The 2016 CAOT conference was an amazing oppor-

tunity to connect with clinicians from across the country,

as well as fellow students. Presentations at the conference

were inspirational, informative and thought-provoking. The

opportunity to learn about current research within the oc-

cupational therapy profession was invaluable.” -


Tidd, Year 1 McMaster MSc(OT) Student

“Although paper presentations and posters were com-

pleted on specific topics related to occupational therapy

practice (ex. client population, practice context, diagnosis),

I found that key messages were able to be applied to the

profession as a whole as well as my own student practice.

A number of sessions I attended focused on client engage-

ment and participation in addition to advocating to other

stakeholders within the therapeutic process. These sessions

in particular provided information related to strategic goal

setting (HARD collaborative goal setting tool) as well as es-

tablishing a framework for supporting student mental health

within public and private institutions. I was able to utilize

the research reported in such sessions to address my own

learning needs with respect to my student- and future-prac-

tice initiatives.” –

Holly Robson, Year 2 McMaster

MSc(OT) Student

The Year 1 students were

permitted to take time from

their clinical fieldwork experi-

ence to attend conference, but

both were encouraged to at-

tend specific sessions relevant

to the practice area from their

practicum. Thus, the sites bene-

fitted with the students return-

ing to practicum with information to share with their

preceptor and other team members.

All students supported by awards were expected to

share their experiences with their peers and their applica-

tions indicated a variety of approaches for doing this –

blogs, presentations, and a YouTube video were all pro-

posed and implemented.

The awards represent a way to set the stage for lifelong

learning and engagement with the profession. It is our hope

that these travel

awards will be-

come an annual

offering to sup-

port students in

their develop-

ment as occupa-

tional therapists.