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Name of Researcher:

Isabelle Gélinas, McGill

Degrees and Professional Qualifications (including fel-


Postdoctoral Fellow; PhD (Rehabilitation Sci-

ences); Certificate (Aging Studies), MSc (OT); BSc (OT)

Area of Research:

My research focuses on the activities

and the contextual factors (personal and environmental)

that shape the level of social participation of adults and

elderly with disability. More specifically, my research en-

compasses two main domains: Driving rehabilitation and

Activities of Daily Living. Presently my research projects

are directed at: the assessment and training of driving abil-

ities in clients with disabilities; the evaluation of functional

abilities in persons with cognitive deficits such as demen-

tia, Schizophrenia, Traumatic Brain Injury; the impact of

personal and environmental factors on the participation

and social inclusion of persons with a disability as well as

the implementation of interventions to support their par-

ticipation in the community.

Research Related Awards and Honours:

Best Video Honors at the 2013 AUTO21 NCE Confer-

ence (2013)

David Strauss Award, best poster at American Con-

gress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) from The

Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-

ISIG) of the ACRM (2010)

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapist Cer-

tificate of Appreciation (2010)

Grants / Funding History:

Marshall, S.C. (Co-PI), Bédard, M. (Co-PI), Gélinas, I.

(Co-PI), Naglie, G. (Co-PI), Porter, M.M. (Co-PI),

Tuokko, H.A. (Co-PI), Vrkljan, B.H. (Co-PI), Gagnon, S.,

Li, L., Mazer, B., Rapoport, M., Stiell, I., Wells, G. (2014-

17). Candrive Prospective Older Driver Study. CIHR


Routhier, F., Gélinas, I., St-Amand, Y., Vincent, C.

(2013-16). Dispositifs électromécaniques pour com-

mandes à effort minimal dans les véhicules adaptés

pour les personnes ayant des incapacités physiques :

état de la situation des besoins, des produits et des pra-

tiques au Québec. FRQSC ($150,000).

Gélinas, I. (Co-PI), Vrkljan, B. (Co-PI), Mazer, B. (Co-PI),

Marshall, S., Fleisig, R. (2012-15). Evaluating the on-

road performance of older drivers: Innovations to en-

hance safety. Auto21 Network Centers of Excellence


Research Collaboration:

One of the most important re-

search-related collaboration that has had a significant im-

pact on my career was joining a pan Canadian group of

researchers (Candrive team) with extensive expertise that

crosses multiple disciplines who were interested in con-

ducting clinically relevant research on issues related to driv-

ing in the elderly. Through a CIHR team grant the Candrive

research team has now been working together for almost

a decade. Partners from the United States and Australia

have more recently joined the group. The team is conduct-

ing a multi-center study where we are following a cohort

of a 1000 older drivers over 5 years to come up with a clin-

ical decision tool to be able to assess those who may be

unsafe drivers. We have recently received a 3-year CIHR

grant to continue our work with the cohort. This collabo-

ration has allowed me to learn from colleagues who have

different expertise in research and to develop a network

that has led to scholarly exchanges and further research

collaborations. This has permitted me to conduct projects

that address more fully the different facets of my research

interests. This successful collaboration has allowed our

group to make valuable contributions for health care prac-

titioners and policy makers who aim to enhance the safety

and quality-of-life of older drivers in Canada and beyond.

In addition, this collaboration has also offered opportuni-

ties for my graduate students to learn from experts in the

field who have a wide and varied experience and to net-

work with other students across the country.

To view this profile in its entirety, please click:

http://www.acotup- Gelinas%20%28McGill%20University%29.pdf