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Name of Researcher:

Jacquie Ripat, U of Manitoba

Degrees and Professional Qualifications (including fel-


PhD, MSc (Rehabilitation), BMR (OT),

Area of Research:

The first research area centres on under-

standing the interaction between people who use assistive

technologies and their environments. The intended out-

come of this work is to develop and implement ways to

better access and use assistive technology, and to modify

environments, in order to promote community participa-

tion of people with disabilities.

In the second area, research focuses on understanding and

facilitating occupational therapists’ and occupational ther-

apy students’ client-centred development at personal, prac-

tice environment, and systems levels.

Grants/ Funding History:

Ripat, J. (2012-14). Exploring winter weather issues

faced by Manitoba wheeled mobility users. Manitoba

Health Research Council Operating Grant ($78,055).

Ripat, J., Woodgate, R., Etcheverry, E., Medved, M.

(2011-13). Assistive technology and young adults with

disabilities. Canadian Institutes for Health Research,

Operating Grant ($130,009).

Woodgate, R., Ripat, J., Elias, B., Halas, J., Blais, C., &

Moffat, M. (2009-11). Unraveling the disability trajec-

tory of first nations families of children with disabilities:

advancing Jordan's principle. Canadian Institutes of

Health Research New Emerging Teams ($529,081).

Ripat, J., &Woodgate, R. (2009-10). Young adults with

spinal cord injuries, participation and assistive technol-

ogy. Manitoba Spinal Cord Injury Research Committee


Research Collaboration:

One of my most important re-

search collaborations has been with my research mentor

Dr. Roberta Woodgate from the Faculty of Nursing at Uni-

versity of Manitoba. I first met Roberta when I took her

qualitative research methods course and, subsequently, I

enrolled in my doctoral program with Roberta as my advi-

sor. Roberta is an exceptional, renowned and productive

qualitative researcher, who generously shares opportuni-

ties to engage in research alongside her. She has taught me

to see the fun in research and to try to find ways to make

research fun and engaging for others. Most importantly,

she has taught me to value and cultivate relationships

within research, whether with students, research assistants,

colleagues, or research participants.

To view this profile in its entirety, please click:

http://www.acotup- Ripat%20%28University%20of%20Manitoba%29.pdf

New: Advanced Standing MScOT Program Option

The Department of Occupational Science and Occu-

pational Therapy, at University of Toronto will launch a new

Advanced Standing Option MScOT

program. This 12-

month, online program is designed specifically for occu-

pational therapists who hold a BSc degree in Occupational

Therapy and wish to upgrade their credentials to the Mas-

ters level. Admissions are scheduled for September 2016.

For details about the program, visit,

or con-

tact Andrea Duncan at

Thelma Cardwell Research Day 2016

The upcoming 19th annual Thelma Cardwell Research

Day will feature a keynote address by

Dr. Florence Clark


from the University of Southern California (USC). Dr.

Clark, the Associate Dean, Chair, and Mrs. T.H. Chan Pro-

fessor of Occupational Science and Occupational Ther-

apy, will speak about

Occupational Therapy as Life

Design: Fortifying Health and Well-Being through the

Course of Life

. The Department is honoured to have Dr.

Clark as our guest. Following Dr. Clark’s lecture our grad-