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established to celebrate and acknowledge the invaluable

contributions and accomplishments of Dr. Elizabeth

Townsend, who was on hand to congratulate Dr.

Desrosiers. This scholar-in-residence program acknowl-

edges Dr. Townsend’s tenure as an occupational scientist

and occupational therapist, and her outstanding leader-

ship as Professor and Director of the School of Occupa-

tional Therapy at Dalhousie University. The Fellowship

celebrates Dr. Townsend’s internationally renowned con-

tributions to occupational science, inclusion, justice and

human rights. Dr. Desrosiers’ career has been devoted to

understanding and overcoming older adults’ restrictions

in daily activities and social interactions – a perfect match

with the goals of the Townsend Fellowship.

The Townsend Fellowship supports a visiting scholar

to galvanize scholarship in the School, investigating ques-

tions related to everyday occupations and their societal

contexts. For this Fellowship, in addition to the public lec-

ture, Dr. Desrosiers applied her expertise and enthusiasm

to support a team of Dal-

housie researchers as they

analysed data related to

participation of people

with neurological condi-

tions in daily activities and

social roles.

Dr. Desrosiers’ contri-

butions to the profession are well known and extensive,

including her presentation of the Muriel Driver lectureship,

the highest honour bestowed by the Canadian Association

of Occupational Therapists. Today, she is Professor and

Vice Dean to Student Life, as well as Secretary of the Fac-

ulty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sher-

brooke and a researcher at the CSSS Research Center on

Aging, University Institute of Geriatrics, Sherbrooke, Que-

bec. The Dalhousie School of Occupational Therapy was

proud to host her as the first Townsend Fellow.

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he McMaster MSc Occupational Therapy Pro-

gram provided financial support through travel

grants to support four student occupational ther-

apists to attend the Canadian Association of Occupational

Therapists (CAOT) Conference, “Inspired for Higher Sum-

mits” held in Banff, Alberta from April 19 – 22, 2016.

Congratulations to the following students who were

awarded travel grants:

Chelsea Tidd (Year 1 student)

Cassondra Starc (Year 1 student)

Annie Mo (Year 2 student)

Holly Robson (Year 2 student)

Upon their return, the four students were asked to re-

flect on one thing about attending conference that the par-

ticularly enjoyed or benefitted from. Their reflections are

shared below:

"I really enjoyed the in-depth session on chronic pain

management. The presentation built off the evidence, en-

listing very creative strategies to address all types of clients

who cope differently. I also enjoyed speaking with passion-

ate and creative clinicians throughout the whole confer-

ence!" -

Cassondra Starc, Year 1 McMaster MSc(OT)


“I was most touched to hear the Plenary session on

obesity and a paper presentation by a former Mac grad: an

auto ethnography of mental illness. These presenters were

open and honest about their own experiences as

patients/clients and their subsequent growth into contribut-